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[Note: some of this material is in the process of being updated.]

The CyberPOD™ (EcoPOD, EcOasis) is designed to go just about anywhere. From the Arctic to the Tropics, in urban, semi-urban, village, and totally remote environments.

It can be delivered in its own mobile unit (trailer pulled by truck or car), on a flatbead truck, in smaller boxes for assembly, on a train, on a boat or barge, by helicopter, or dropped in by parachute. We have evaluated virtually every challenge for transportation, assembly and maintenance in advance of starting our move to put Eco Nests around the globe.

We are building Pods using trailers and also a custom shipping container that is a ready-to-go-anywhere system.

We are setting up EcOases (Eco Nests) in three parts of the world and to then spread out anywhere and everywhere that it is needed and can do good. We want to "seed" the planet with units that can be the "pilot" sites for others to follow, and in particular for regional peoples to learn about firsthand and then to take further to other places, so that the EcOases also become "seeds" of a new type of practicing and living about Living on an Earth that is Koyannisqatsi - Out of Balance, because we humans put it out of balance - and so that we can work faster and more effectively at putting it back Into Balance.

We make use of the infrastructures set up and the organizations already working to address all of the problems that in part or in sum Eco Nest will help to address. We are not building yet-another-superstructure or a competitive NGO network.

Our target sites are in fifteen countries on four continents:

Vietnam, China, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, Chad, Sudan, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Ethiopia, India and Afghanistan.

The reasons why are simple.

1. Each year, there are more, not less, communities that need better water, energy, monitoring and detection of infectious diseases, communications, and technology transfer of the latest 21st century energy-health-safety-security tools and as soon as possible.
2. This is the way toward establishing even a chance at stability and peace, and long-term solutions for poverty, overpopulation, and the destruction of environmental balance.
3. EcOases will help some of the worst-resource areas that are in steep declines or on the very of steep declines, and they will help other areas that are borderline to going over the edge into irreversible decline and destabilization.
4. From the first EcOases there can be effective seeding and branching to other communities
5. Water first, then the rest. Without the potable water, little else can be effective.
6. Microeconomics always. In every aspect, every module, every installation, whether water-only or full complement, there is a driving force to "seed" microeconomic opportunity, learning, and thinking for the Community.
7. COMMUNITY is at the heart of every thought behind making the EcOasis operational and sustainable. It is all about enabling people to survive and then grow as a Community, whether they be 10 or 100,000.
8. EcOases are one of the best things we can do to help ourselves help our Future and it is much better to spend $50K on one Eco Nest for a village than to wait for total chaos and madness and then think we need to solve problems with cruise missiles and gunships.

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