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The basic technologies and components that are assembled into any CyberPOD for community, emergency, medical, and disaster-relief applications can include:

Advanced automated water-purification with options for mobility, distribution, individual units

Non-antibiotic anti-microbial bioprotection and decontamination for surfaces and clothing

Low-power, compact-sized, portable, mostly-automated, high-accuracy sensors for detection and measurement of a variety of high-risk, high-impact biopathogens and hazardous/toxic chemicals

A compact, clean, external-combustion, multi-fuel engine that can be used as a power generator

Means to produce fuel easily and cheaply upon demand from a variety of common biomass sources

Solar photovoltaic power generation supplements

Assisted breathing ventilators and burn/skin damage relief treatment

Advanced compact, low-cost, fault-tolerant, low-maintenance wireless internet communications

Culturally appropriate and adaptive learning and collaborative education and communication tools

Ultra-basic (OLPC) laptop and PDA devices for internet access and communications

Ecologically sustainable, healthy, and "smart" clothing

And More. Remember that there are other types of CyberPODs for different purposes where all of the above complement of resources is not used, and where other instrumentation and provisions will be included instead. This is all enabled by the modularity and easy reconfigurability of the CyberPOD fundamental architecture, whatever are the specific PODs assembled and delivered.

View this presentation as an INTRODUCTION.

Go to the Public Documents section in order to read more and to see pictures of most of these components.

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