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[Note: some of this material is in the process of being updated.]

The world map shows some of the places where we believe EcOases need to go. But this is only our starting lineup.

There are over forty (40) of the Portaqua water purification systems installed already and fully operational including one that is fully mobile. Everything else has been tested and in some cases validated through Phase 2 research programs or independent labs.

As we begin our first installations later this year, maps like the one on this page will link to our dynamic HotSpots™ dynamic GIS system.

HotSpots™ is a pro bono gift to ISEC and EcOasis from one of our backers, TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc. It shows the major hot spots on the globe for environmental, energy, climate, epidemic/pandemic-risk. armed conflict and other Emergent Critical Events. This will help viewers to understand the context and the importance for rapidly addressing solutions with EcOasis Pods and of course other resources. Based upon an integration of web and other internet software including GoogleEarth, StreetView, Open Net, Open Stream, vMessaging, and algorithms such as METI, HotSpots™ will help not only the general audience but humanitarian and emergency relief teams to better coordinate how they can optimally serve and respond to communities and people anywhere in Need.

Our goal is for the entire EcOasis Program to become the foundation for improved and faster coordination and facilitation among resources and logistics, taking advantage of knowledged-based and information tech resources plus the "community hub" effect that an EcOasis has for the people it is serving.

We Need Your Support TODAY to send EcOasis Relief Pods to the Middle East and Africa
HotSpots™ is similar to what is in the EcoHub, another part of the Institute's work and connected with its consumer-oriented E2E_Seal. It is still undergoing software and database development, but some previews of the components will be accessible here. In advance of its deployment, information about the technology being used can be found at Nomad Eyes and Nomad Eyes (LUCY)

All of this technology is going into EcOasis because it has been created by team members who are genuinely committed to Changing the World in a sensible, rational, ecosymbiotic, sustainable way. What has been produced from basic research and/or in the course of commercial product development, for the energy, medical, security or other fields is being introduced in a way that can be useful to people whose main concern is to have a glass of clean water and a bowl of healthy food in their hands.

Help us to start putting EcOases, Eco Nests, Life Pods everywhere you see a red dot and then more! This is one of the best ways to build peace, stability and also future economic stability - This is the NEW Way.

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